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Jewellery gives people an indication...,
"Where you came from, ~ Who you are, ~ What you believe in, ~
~ Who you were."

Jewelry can be more personal than any other item in your life. It shows what you believe in and your sentiments to it. Symbolizing a special occasion, like your engagement ring or your wedding band, family crest or town crest, or a religious item.
Family heirloom jewellery is mostly treasured and is therefore very dear to most people, because it belonged to their family. It could be the most important jewelry that people own and it might become their talisman or their most important piece of good luck jewellery.
Nothing can ever replace the special feeling or the sentimental attachment people have to their family jewelry. While choosing a new piece of jewellery for yourself or for your family or special friends, make sure you like its design and the feeling you get the first time
you look at it.

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The uniqueness of the item compared to all others that you have ever seen could be a deciding factor in making up your mind. Then, of course, the good clean workmanship of the Goldsmith who created the item says a lot about him and his jewelry. For my own creations of jewellery, I really enjoy expressing myself in the making of my pendants, amulets and colliers. They seem to give me more freedom in design. Asymmetrical shapes with a natural flow of harmony and balance are my type of design.
I have also made many different and unique rings, earrings and bracelets. Jewellery should be meaningful, especially when expressing a theme - a family crest or for a special occasion - in either ring or pendant form.

I work on my gold jewelry with the thoughts and feelings of my inner spirit.
So my new piece of jewellery comes naturally to me as I am working on it, to become my creation. For the type of working methods that I have learned from my Father and Master and other goldsmiths that I have worked with through 50 years, I have learned my trade the traditional way. Engraving in bas-relief or items cut out with a fine saw blade, bent and shaped out of my own hand drawn gold wires, filed and shaped, hand hammered and smithed hot or cold, granulation work, chased work, or my own developed method of "art welding" in 14k or 18k gold.

I certainly believe in the old ways of goldsmithing that have proven themselves over many centuries, even though they are being refined constantly, mostly by fancy new tools and equipment. The goldsmith that can do without the newest fancy tools and still come up with a better hand-made piece of jewelry in a similar time span is to me a much better goldsmith.


Hartmut Reinsch
(Email Me or phone 416-781-3998)
President, West York Jewellers

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