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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Leaving Jewellery on Consignment

"Dear Hartmut,

I have some jewellery that I am interested in selling on consignment. Would you be so kind to tell me of what stores in the Toronto area sell consignment jewellery."


Hi Colleen!

You would have to look them up in a yellow pages, but stay with a larger store, with a well known name! Get the % money rate, what they would discount for themselves after they sold the item to their customer. They all usually get their own appraisal first to see what they have to sell. Make them sign for all the items, at least with clear descriptions. Duplicate your own appraisals before going there so you have proof of each item. Make them sign your copy of the appraisal!

And don't forget shop around for the best return on your jewellery! Don't just leave your jewellery at the first convenient place. And stay away from pawn shops, generally speaking! People that carry "estate jewellery" tend to give you the most money for the items, because they pay you only after they themselves sell it.

I hope to have helped you somewhat at least!

Take care and have a good weekend,

Hartmut Reinsch

For more information, please read my other articles about Buying and Selling Jewellery, About Old Gold and Taking Care of Your Jewellery.

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
January 2003