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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Grampa's Ring

"Dear Hartmut,

My grampa left a ring to me. He said that it was passed down to him. I would like to find out how old it is. Can you tell me?

The ring is made of a piece of metal wrapped around onto itself. It's maybe 3-4 mm thick. It tarnishes easily and leaves a green mark like brass. It has markings: there is a detailed mark at the beginning but I can't figure out what it is (maybe a flower, a leaf and a cat tail?) 14k written above Krostfrei (the k is much bigger than the rest of the letters) a circle with a triangle and maybe a "g" inside it two flags with the sticks crossed inside the left flag is a three pointed mark and in the right flag is 14k.

I am interested in any thing you can tell me about this ring.
Thank you for your time and attention,


Hi Laura!

Thank you for you inquiry!

But without seeing the item, I can not tell anything, even with your detailed description! If it turns green, it's brass core, maybe hard gold plated. Stamps have little meaning without a registered trademark.

Krostfrei probably is K-rostfrei - Rostfrei means in German "stainless" - or will not rust Brass does not rust either ;-)

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
September 2005