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Ask Your Goldsmith:
How much Gold needed to make an Item?


Can you tell me what percentage of my 14k gold would be lost in the production of a hammered bangle bracelet. e.g. if I want it around 70 grams, how much do I need to send?


Hi Richard,

Thank you for your Inquiry!

Are you in Canada? What type of old Gold is it? Chains? Or solids like rings Pendants, Earrings and so on...?

Chains have often a lot of solder on them and therefore the Gold could become a little porous after melting the scrap Gold together! Out of 70 gram scrap with hollow items like chains and some Earrings "like Hoops", there is a burn off greater than by solid pieces...! So you can figure anywhere from 5-10% burn off and filings to complete the Item to a finish..., which means "about 6-8 gram", so you would have 62-64 Gram left as a bangle.

Are all pieces of your gold Canadian items, or some are from the USA...? In the USA it is legal to stamp 14 KT at 13.5 KT ... "but not in CANADA !" Here we have to be right on (called Plumb Gold) or .585 = 58.5 % fine Gold in the United States .562 or 56.2 % fine could have been stamped legally as 14 KT. So in that case a little booster of 18 KT mixed in with the 14 KT, depending on the weight of the bulk 14 KT, the Gold can be brought up to legal stamping standard!

The best of course would be "fresh fine Gold", (24 KT or fine Gold) to be alloyed into the 14 KT yellow Gold and no problems of all that sort! In that case it is new and no problems with porosity or low KT Gold, and a goldsmith would make it exactly 14 KT, by adding the perfect amount of alloy ! I put my "Legal Trademark Stamp" on it next to the 14 KT stamp and all is well!

With old gold I have to pretty well examine every piece (if many scrap pieces), that I get and test it before melting and test it again after melting too! Only yellow Gold, (no white gold) can be mixed with the yellow Gold. Red or green Gold is OK to mix with yellow. It would just make it darker or lighter, depending on the quantities of the different colors of Gold! By 65 Gram the hammered bangle would cost you x 10.00 $ 15.00 $ per Gram about 650.00 dollars plus Taxes finished.

If you have any other Questions phone me toll-free 1-877-658-4653

Hartmut Reinsch of

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
January 2003