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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Metal Detector Find!

"Dear Hardy,

Pictured above is a pendant that I found while hunting with a metal detector. I have been trying to get some information about this item, but to no avail. You probably cannot answer my questions either. I am going to give you some discriptive information in hope that you might be able to tell me something. The pendant is of solid material, and is one inch in diameter. At the bottom of the pendant is a rectangle that contains the number 8545. On the left of the pendant is another rectangle that contains the number 2. In the upper right hand corner of the side rectangle, there is another rectangle that contains the letters, A-S. Under the A is a letter N which is smaller in size than the others. I cannot decipher anything else with the magnifier that I have. Is it possible that what I have described could be a Hallmark, or a Goldsmith's Mark? If you can give me any information concerning this item, I would be most grateful, and if not, thank you for your consideration."


Hi Kenneth!

Thank you for you inquiry!

As I can see on the markings of your pictures, this medal is a mass production item, possibly brass, nickel or gold plated item, or done in pewter and plated for shine and color. But by the machine swirl marks, it is a production item and there should be more of them somewhere. With a rivet off center that connect a smaller plate with some inscription, since the rivet is off center, I would almost say it's done with a purpose. Try to slide that small round plate upwards to the left or right side, maybe there is another clue of the meaning under the small round plate, like a hidden message! Otherwise, why did the maker not put the rivet in center?

That all I can really say about your find , without seeing it!

Take care and greetings from Toronto,

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
January 2003