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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Turn Your Old Gold Into New Jewelry!
A First on the Internet!

I encourage you to read the short write up below about turning your old gold into new hand made jewellery items.
If you want more information, please go to the long version for more details, before you send me your gold and trust me with it.

#1 Get your old scrap gold weighed & evaluated from a local jeweller
to see what he would pay for it!

#2 Pick out a hand made jewelry item from my SAMPLES and send me an email to ask questions and to tell me what you have in mind to do with your old gold.

  • Marianne and Pete's Bangle
  • Harold and Janet's Family Tree Pendant
  • Paul's Money Clip
  • Lance's Pendant
  • George's Wedding Band

    #3 After we talked about it and agree on the item and price I would charge you,
    send me the old gold by registered air mail.

    #4 You will hear from me as soon as I get the package
    and will I confirm your order afterchecking everything!

    #5 I will hand make your jewellery item and take a photo and send it by email to you for your conformation!
    Then you send me the money we agreed on,
    either to my PayPal account or call up my toll free number (1-877-658-GOLD (4653)
    and give me your Visa or Master Card number,
    or even send an international Postal or Bank money order.

    #6 I send out the jewelry item to you by "Registered Air Mail" or by Canadian Xpresspost for $22.00 USD my cost,
    across CANADA or the USA only, or you can get 2 Day FedEx Delivery, at $65.00 USD,
    for speedy delivery and safety of your Jewelry item.
    You can check my previous customers for references, if you like, and also check my 100% positive eBay Feedback. I really appreciate your feed back of course, good or bad!

    Gold Scroll

    For more information, please read my other articles about Buying and Selling Jewellery, About Old Gold and Taking Care of Your Jewellery.

    Have a Question? Get the Answer! info@westyorkjewellers.com


    Hartmut Reinsch
    West York Jewellers
    September 2005