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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Diamond Tennis Bracelette Sale!

"Dear Sir, (Hardy's comments in red)

I have a new 18ct white gold bracelet with 46 3rd (That means 46 stones of .30 - .33 Cts each diamond?) of a carat vs quality princess cut diamonds *(VS1 quality or VS2? And what is the color?) I am trying to sell and would like some advice. I've tried selling on ebay but to no avail as because of the value which has been appraised at $ 64,000 or 34,000 (Sounds like you're in UK somewhere?) I keep getting interest from fraudsters. I have the receipt as to proof of purchase and would like to get as much as possible for the item, please advise.

Clive H.

Hi Clive!

Thank you for you inquiry!

First of all, you would have to get a serious and honest Appraisal for Replacement Cost and another for Full Retail Market Value!

#1 The replacement value would be geared to your insurance replacement cost, in case you lost it either through theft or "mysterious loss" (like playing ball in a park, or whatever). The insurance will only pay you the market value of any item, if they fully insure it for the current "wholesale market value."

#2 The second appraisal is a good one to show to your colleaque or friends or other potential "private customers", while you're trying to sell the item. Don't expect to get the full retail appraisal amount from anybody though! If you can get the replacement value from the lower appraisal, than you should be very happy. So just keep the "lower appraisal wholesale market value" in mind, as you're trying to sell the item to anybody!

Any Jeweller would probably give you "half of wholesale or even much less!" Can't blame them really, because if they want to buy such an item at regular wholesale they can do that any time at all! So they want a bargain of course and some of them want it almost as a gift! Sell it privately and be careful how and where you advertise it! You might become a target to criminals, when they know what you have and where you are located!

Hope to have helped you a bit!
Greetings from Canada
Hartmut Reinsch

Where are you in this world?
How did you get my Web Site?
What key search words got you to my site?
Was it my writings - "Ask your Goldsmith"?
Would appreciate it, if you let me know for my records! ;-)

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
September 2005