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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Replate Over Titanium Eye Glass Frames?

"Hello West York Jewellers,

I own a pair of delicate, wire eyeglass frames, which are made of titanium. The metal has a brown finish. I am curious to know if these frames can be silverplated or otherwise treated, so that the colour becomes silver (or pewter), rather than their current colour. Can you help? Thanks."


Hi Steven!

I talked to my plater about it and he says he cannot plate nickel, silver, or rhodium over Titanium - you will have to get an other frame. Silver would darken anyway after a while, rhodium or nickel plating would be the best. So if you see white frames, they would be brass plated over with nickel or rhodium.

Sorry, but the frame business is different than our Goldsmith business. They want $200 - 800 and more for a designer frame and the material costs next to nothing! In other words, there is no material value whatsoever! For $800 you can buy a nice heavy gents chain or even a bracelet!

And they say jewellery is expensive, eh? It's still the best thing going for material value, versus money. A plastic bottle of water at the Canadian National Exhibition cost me $2.50, while at the grocery store or anywhere you see it for $5.95 for 24 bottles! An 800% mark up and everybody pays without saying a word about it!

Have a nice weekend
Hartmut in Toronto

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
January 2003