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Ask Your Goldsmith:
Re-Goldplate a Watch?

"Dear Hardy,

Hello,I'm wondering if you are able gold plate a watch at your shop. If so, what would be involved?


Hi Maria!

Thank you for you inquiry!

We do not do any "hard" gold plating ourselves, that is the type of gold plating you require on a watch, where the base metal is brass, for example. If you do find someone to do that type of hard gold plating, you will be disappointed after a while, because the plating can peel and wear off in a short time. From the factory, the watch is plated first with copper, then nickel to give strength, and after that, they gold plate it.

When it's being plated over, these people will plate over what's left from before and that's where the real trouble starts. The original plating has to be stripped off the watch case, down to the base metal, and then started over - and no one does that, they just plate over what's left and give it a nice cosmetic appearance.

Have a merry Christmas from your Goldsmith (to be?)
Hartmut Reinsch of West York Jewellers

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Hartmut Reinsch
West York Jewellers
January 2003