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All items on this Art Weld page are Hand Made & Unique jewelry items. It took thirty years of practice to be able to precision weld such pieces. They cannot be molded or reproduced because of the many undercuts in the designs. They were all created by welding with the most nerve racking precision and perfect timing. This type of work is done free hand and took many years to develop and to perfect. Done from hand drawn 14kt gold wire and the right amount of heat and flame size.

Never filed, shaped, bent or hammered by hand, only by moving the hot melting gold with the torch flame. A little tricky at first, but after thirty years of practice its a cinch. Split second timing and various levels of heat from the torch - which has to be regulated by thumb and finger constantly while the heat is on the gold. A real challenge for those goldsmiths that are bored with the methods of granulation.


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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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Art Weld Gold Jewelry
Art Weld Jewelry 7
Art Weld Gold Jewelry
Art Weld Jewelry 8
Art Weld Gold Jewelry
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