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West York Jewellers - Canadian Diamonds

In Canada's North, the snow glistens as though sprinkled with diamonds - however, the real treasure lies buried beneath. Far below the snow and ice,
the forces of nature have been hard at work creating some of the most fabulous diamonds in the world.

Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry

Deep below the permafrost is a vast jewelry box brimming with glittering gemstones.
A new source of diamonds that had gone undiscovered until recently, when the first Canadian Diamonds burst brilliantly onto the world's stage! Canadian Diamonds are the most significant discovery in the diamond industry in the past 100 years. Diamonds from Canada - who would've guessed?

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From only the very best Canadian roughs are diamonds fashioned, in both traditional and innovative shapes. From the classic round brilliant cuts, to stunning marquise, princess, oval, emerald and heart - each cut brings out the diamond's natural beauty and spine-tingling glitter.

Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry

ETHICS: The Canadian Inuit culture is marked by a close relationship with the natural world. Life depends on an intimate knowledge and understanding of the world and, as a result, the Inuit recognize fewer barriers between themselves and the animals, plants, water and land around them. Many Inuit cultural practices are based on the essential respect and interaction between humans and nature. This same respect and ethics are used every day in the mining of our Canadian Diamonds. Thus, what is unique to the flourishing diamond industry in Canada is the sense of moral responsibility with which all operations are studied, planned and carried out.

Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry     Canadian Diamond Jewelry

All of our Canadian Diamonds are marked as such and come with a certificate of authenticity. Also, our gold jewellery items bear our registered Canadian Trade Mark (®) and Karat stamp.

We conduct our business in English and in German and hope your visit to our web site was enjoyable. Please come back soon and see what's new.


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