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Iron Glove and PenAs a "CANADIAN", of German Heritage, the creative work as a Goldsmith has kept me very busy for a number of decades. My inspiration to write comes out of experiences, keeping an open mind, and from meeting many real "down to earth" people on this long road of life. I have written various poems in my mother tongue, as well as many in the english language.

My english poetry consists of sayings, rhymes and thoughts about life. I have been writing poems for the last 35 years and decided at this time to put a few of them on my web site to share them with the visitors to my site. Hopefully you will enjoy some of my poems and in this sense I can share some of my thoughts with you.
In a true and free "CANADIAN" spirit.

Sincerely, Hartmut Reinsch
Goldsmith, Homeland and Firefighter Poet.


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Canada A Symbol
Starlight, Starbright About Knowledge
About Love For All Germans
Life Goes On Nature's Beauty
Past, Present And Future The Comrade
The Light The Freethinker
To Understand Perfection
The Pen Or The Sword Real Honour Remains
Losing Hope Happiness
Guardian Angel Working Under Pressure
Mistakes Friends
The Light And The Truth Giving Up Smoking
Silence The Big Hurt
Never Lonely The Beggar
The Blaming Game Toronto Firefighter Tribute
Toronto Police Tribute For the Children
Your Heart Will Tell About the Truth
My Dear Friend Steadfastness
Stormy Night True Friendship
Far From The Homeland For Pete's Sake
A Wedding Card Poem For My Buddy Ray
The Firefighters The Paramedics
To My Dear Father: Our Friend and Father
Spring Thought Christmas blues
Dear Sabine For my friend Horst
To my daughter Marika The Leader
A Canadian of German descent The Gold Nugget
For my buddy Sig WAR or PEACE
The Hot Rodders To Have Faith
Messengers of God For Freedom
Storm and Wind For Lovey Dovey
The Nurses Children of the Future
Das Edelweiss To all Germans in the world
Pete's 65th Birthday Deprivation
For Mother's Day For Father's Day
Our Friend and Father The German Soldier
The Canadian Soldiers Firefighter Comrades
For the Toronto Police Force The Volunteers Firefighters
For my Friend Willi For my friend Edgar
For Angie In Memory of Edgar Sertl
For my best friend Dino Tribute for Tony Bergmeier
Your inner Strength Always Loyal and True
My dear Daughter Helene My dear Daughter Marica
Sabine's Castle For Manfred and Hedi
West Berlin 1950 For my Friend Elsa on Mom's day
"For all the Miners The Goldsmith
The Eagle In the Land of the Maple Leaf
The good old days! The Immigrants
The Mountain Rescue The Land of Freedom
Firefighter Brothers
Firefighter Brothers and Sisters
Firefighter's Mom 50th Anniversary
West York Jewellers
When selling your GOLD!"
It's not Poetry,
Art Welded Gold Jewellery
My last Thought in 2011 Canadian Native Pow Wow
Mine Rescue Firefighters Canadian War Memorial
the Christmas Fir Tree