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Our 50th Anniversary of our Goldsmith Shop
West York Jewellers
in Toronto / CANADA!

"Fifty Years" have already passed now, since our Father Erich Reinsch
founded our family workshop "West York Jewellers and Engravers".

When we immigrated in 1957-58, from Germany, and came as a family
to Toronto Canada, he did not think at that time, to open his own workshop !
First of all,  to work as many as 90 to 100 hours a week with overtime were performed
with homework,
to provide for his family.
hat was his life at the age of 52 years, as a new immigrant in his new homeland, Canada.

However, after just a few years his first workshop was founded already in 1963
and the address at that time was 1942 Eglinton Ave. W. in Toronto.
In 1968 we moved to larger premises at 1619 Eglinton Ave. W. in Toronto.
It made a beautiful shop with two display windows,
were suitable to show our handcrafted gold jewellery,
With enough room for a large workshop and our own driveway,
next to the building and a double garage in the back.
Something so very rare on this main street, of Eglinton Ave.West.

In a short time we were working together with four new employees,
as we also took on engraving  jobs of "Industrial Steel Engraving ",
for different "Tool and Die and Mold Maker shops" and their industries.
These jobs were half of our work and our income at that time!

*~ Then after 20 years in Canada, our beloved Mother passed away
in 1978 and our dear Father died three years thereafter in 1981. ~

Since 1990, we finally stopped working on the Industrial Steel Engravings,
as times had changed and we got more into hand making and repairing Fine Gold Jewellery .
Our many good friends and customers,  of the "Goldsmith Shop" had proven their
loyalty to us, in all these years till today and for this we are and always will be very grateful.
My brother Manfred and I continued our Goldsmith and Engraving Company,
after our Father and Chief passed away in 1981.

Manfred went into retirement in the year 1995 .
Since 1999, my son Helmut learned our trade in
our family Goldsmith shop,
in the old tradition from me, his father.

We have created two Websites since 1999,
our first "Millennium Jewellery.com" is the name our first website,
since we built this site at the time of the new Millennium.

In 2001, we brought out our "Newest Website,  "West York Jewellers.com" .
" The German Goldsmith Shop " is now accessible anywhere in the world since then ,
via the "Internet"

With our " Online Sales " and
"Global Sales on - EBAY "
we have been exporting worldwide.

We have two Goldsmiths Guest books.
An Archive Guest book, that ended in 2007, as the Server went under.

And a "New Goldsmith GB" since 2007,
 in which you can enter greetings or other messages!


My "Firefighter - Tribute Guest Book"  has till today
"over" 954 690 visitors, with " 4594 Firefighter - entries " in this Gb.
It is the largest Firefighter Gb in this world,
with the most Firefighter entries.

Have a look at it, there is plenty to read, especially in the German language,
because most of the entries, I also had to answer too.
This is probably one reason why I have somewhat kept
my German language alive after over 50 years in Canada!

4594 entries of the Fire departments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
and from the Tyrol since the last twelve years,
showed their gratitude for my Fire tribute poems,
by entering my Firefighter - Archive guest book!


And a thousand more fire departments are now also
 in my "New Firefighter GB"


All because of my 15 Firefighter-Tribute poems in the German language,
which to this day I recorded
10980 numbered entries
in Germans, Austrians and Swiss Firefighter sites,
in their guest books since August. 2001.

With confidence, our Family Goldsmith Shop
which was started by our Father, will continue into the future, Grandfather and Founder, Master Engraver and Goldsmith Eric Reinsch
and our dear Mother Helene, as both gave so much of their lives,
so all would be a better life for their children in this beautiful and Free Canada.

The very first Engraving and Goldsmith- shop was
founded by our father
in the City of Magdeburg in Germany in the 1930s !
Then came WW2 and all got destroyed through bombing raids.
As a POW
our father returned from French Prison of War in Attichy
after the war, to his hometown of Magdeburg.

Some of his engraving machines and his tools, he tried to save from the ruins,
as he dug them out with his hands and saved what could be saved, to continue his work,
earning his
livelihood for his family until 1949 in Magdeburg,  East Germany at the time.

In 1949-50 our family fled from Magdeburg (East Germany), to Berlin / West.
At that time, I was just turning 6 years old.

Everything, all they had worked for through the years,
 had to left behind by our dear parents..., for their Children's Future !
After that we lived for 8 years in the village of Waldfischbach in ( Rhineland - Palatinate ),
Then in 1958
we were off across the ocean, when our family emigrated to Canada.
The rest of our German - Canadian Family is History
and deeply rooted in this beautiful and free Country of Canada !

May our Children and Grandchildren never forget,
what sacrifices where brought by our Parents and their Grand-parents.
To show all our respect and with great appreciation and eternal gratitude
for our "Parents and Grandparents", at this 50th Anniversary of our family goldsmith shop. "
  ~ With Eternal Loyalty
! ~

I hand made this 14k Gold Christmas tree
almost 40 years ago,
as our parent's were still alive.
With all Gold decorations and toy's and gift's in parcels.
In honor of our parents and as a tribute to them and their Lives
for their Love and Care for us children.

In Gratitude to our parents and as a tribute
for the many sacrifices they brought for us ...
so that their children and grandchildren can live in Freedom !

Hartmut Reinsch and Family.
October. 2013

~ " Below are some pictures of our Father and Mother,
from earlier times in Magdeburg !
" ~


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Silver Wedding Anniversary 1956, in Germany.

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Our Father's old Goldsmithing & Engraving tools.

For our handmade Gold Jewellery we still work very traditional using older special tools.
For our "Art Welding", we prepare either .585 - 14 KT or .750 - 18 KT  Gold, as we're using square or round shaped Gold wire,
in various thicknesses for that.

Our old German made Rolling Mill for Gold and Silver, which we use almost every day, to roll or mill out our own Gold wire or several sheets of Gold or Silver,
to a certain thickness and we are able to make that ourselves,
  so this Mill is one of the most important machines for us .

We produce our own round, square, oval, triangular, Star-shaped
or flat, half round Gold wire, by drawing the Gold through iron dies
to hand make these wires in various shapes and thicknesses.
All our individual and unique and old handmade tools are therefor very important to us, to shape and bend and cut the Gold,
by forging or smithing the material.

All of these old hand tools have a very special value for us,
because they all came from our Father and Master, as they were his own tools
 and his "Repousse Punches" are all "hand made."
These tools were brought along by him with grate risk at that time,
from our City of Magdeburg, in Eastern Germany ( during DDR times ),
to the Western part  of Germany in 1949.  Later, when emigrating to Canada,
our Father took his hand tools along with him once more, to be able to continue his Trade as a Master Engraver and Goldsmith in Canada.

His diligent master hands have worked with all of these tools, ever so hard
and the heavy usage can be seen by the wear and various marks on them.
As his sons, we think of our dear father at each time we're using these tools.
Every one of his pliers, the specially shaped gravers, files, hammers
and punches are very special for us, as are a number of his other smaller tools, they all have a lot of sentiment and meaning for us.

Our dear Father lives on in each of his old tools...
and this gives us the confidence and the necessary inner drive and strength
to continue our Goldsmithing and to draw from our mind, spirit and soul
in our work of the precious metal, to create new one of a kind items.

 Goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch ©
of West York Jewellers
Posted to the 50 year Anniversary of our Goldsmith shop
in Toronto / CANADA - in the Year of 2013