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~~~*About the TRUTH!*~~~

One should never fear
to admit to the truth,
for it won't hurt.
Only liars fear it
when the truth catches up with them.

There can only be one truth,
that is the one in your heart.

You can never see the truth,
but you feel it all around you
as you speak it.

To be truthful to others
is easier than...
to be truthful to yourself.

If the sun will bring
everything under daylight,
so will the truth.

Truth is the true champion.
There is no contest!

How can people be blinded by lies?
As they become like dark clouds
preventing them
from seeing the light of the sun.

Even though truth has not won the battle,
it will win in the end.

The end is near means...
"the truth is near."

Never have I seen the truth
when it wasn't there.

Where will we hide
when the truth left us
and we are living a lie?
For surely we need shelter
in the dark and in despair.

Despite despair
one should seek for the truth,
for the truth
will take off all shackles
and set you free.

Truth is not right or wrong
but puts things in order
including right or wrong.

Not enough can be said
about truth,
for too much is said
about lies.

Churchill once said:
"The truth is so fragile,
that it needs a bodyguard of lies."

I myself think
that the truth is invincible,
fighting on the side of god,
against all lies,
including the lies
they are protecting.

Victory for the truth,
as the lie will die.

Enough has been said
to confuse people
with the truth.
So they stay with the lie
to be more comfortable.

Comfortable is one word
in the English language
that is supposed to mean
As I know the meaning
of both words,
I have to say that there is
not one word in English
that comes close to the meaning
and the feeling
of "Gemütlichkeit."
And that is the truth!

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 1992 / Toronto