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~*The Beggar!*~

As he walked down the street
in the bitter cold,
his long hair was gray
and his face looked so old,
He was dressed in rags,
there were holes in his shoes
and out of his pocket
stuck a bottle of booze.
With a cane in one hand
and a bag in the other,
he stopped and and said:
"Would you help out a brother?"
As I looked at his face,
with eyes so kind,
I reached in my pocket
to see what I'd find.
As I pulled out some change
he started to smile.
After giving him money,
he stood there a while.
He nodded and thanked me
and waved me good-bye,
I had such a feeling,
and I thought I'd cry.
In sadness I left
and I thought of his life:
he had nothing to hope for
in his troubles and strife!
How did he become...?
And what made him this way?
Have mercy, dear God,
for his sake, I pray!

Written by my Daughter
Sabine Reinsch at the age of 13
1990 Toronto / Canada.