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~*My dear friend!*~

I know just what you've been going through,
and how you suffered so.
But this world is not heaven yet,
where you in time will go.

Your parents were your dearest friends:
they've left and gone away.
Now it's your turn to be like them
until that final day.

Look all around you and inside,
and you will feel and see
that you are not alone at all:
your soul is not yet free.

Memories of good old days,
a Christmas long ago,
as you would sit on your daddy's lap,
oh, how he loved you so!

Your mother's touch and love and care
when you were feeling bad:
these moments mean so much right now
and should not make you sad.

For both of them are still with you,
they're walking by your side.
So, don't forsake them ever more,
'cause of your hurt inside.

Humble yourself and walk the road
that comes your way each day.
Together you will walk with them.
For you, my friend, I pray.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 1991 / Toronto