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~*"My dear daughter Marica!"*~

As life goes on and you're getting older,
you'll hear more what I told you and see what I mean.
Your judgment and all senses are getting sharper,
while all troubles will pass, as if they never have been.
Everything will be fine, if you take care of all things,
as they come your way, deal with them, one by one!
Although you feel joy or pain at different times
always keep your heart, head and soul and give up none!
Stay very strong and be yourself at all times,
no matter what others will have to say,
for only you will feel in your gut which road to take,
so never ever give up, or ever start to sway.
My deepest thoughts will always be with you
and where ever you are, I will hear your Cry.
You will always be my little one,
no matter how much of time has gone by.
Love always, your Daddy
Written for my daughter Marica
Homeland and Firefighter -Poet Hartmut Reinsch