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~*For Lovey Dovey!*~

If you could only understand,
what I tried to tell you every day
as you thought don't bother me
or maybe leave me alone, or go away!
Language is the one thing
you do really understand,
for me it's the same,
but that's not all or the end.
As I tried so very hard,
each and every day,
but you seem to ignore me,
what I really have to say!
You think it's always the same
and there you are so right,
for I have lost my freedom long ago,
as I have never been in flight!
You are all and everything to me,
As I see you most every day,
so please do understand me
and don't just walk away!
I will sing the same old song,
for that is all I know
but my cooing for you is special
and that I want you to know!
When I will be silent one day, yet free,
you'll remember forever my call...
and finally realize and understand,
that I loved you most of all!

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch June 16. 2006 / Toronto
"our white Dove Butsche!"