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~"Das Edelweiss!"~

Auf den Höhen, zwischen dem Gestein,
gut versteckt, daß es keiner find,
steht das Edelweiss, so zart und fein,
mit Schnee bedeckt, trotzt es dem eisigen Wind.
So manch ein Jüngling wagte es doch,
und kletterte hoch in die Felsenregion.
Er suchte das Edelweiss für seine Liebste,
sein Leben in die Hand nahm dieser tapfere Sohn.

Er musste es finden, im Schnee und im Eis,

in dämmernder Stunde suchte er weiter, aber vergebens
um seine Liebe zu beweisen, egal zu welchem Preis.
Für seinen Schatz, als er verunglückte, in der Blüte seines Lebens.
Als man den Jüngling danach endlich fand,
hielt er ein Edelweiss fest in seiner Hand!

Geschrieben von Hartmut Reinsch ©
Heimat, Vaterland und Feuerwehrdichter
Toronto / Kanada  8th. Nov. 2008

~*The Edelweiss!*~

In the high mountain regions, between the rocks,
this flower stays hidden very well, and is hard to find.
Covered with snow, it defies all icy winds.
there the Edelweiss grows so tender and fine.
A young lad would take many risks to find this flower
as he climbs up high into the rocky mountainous terrain,
searching for an Edelweiss to give to his love...,
he would take his life in his hands, this courageous son.
But he just had to find it, amongst the snow and ice,
Although already  dusk, he kept searching, but to no avail.
To prove his love to his sweetheart, no matter what price...,
 he met with an accident, that ended his young life!
As they found him after, amongst the rocks and ice,
with his hand still clasping the Edelweiss.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter Poet Hartmut Reinsch
on 8th. Nov. 2008 in the German language
and translated into English, on Jan. 2011 Toronto / Canada

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The "Edelweiss Flower Pendant", in Sterling Silver.
The Edelweiss has a very special meaning for most southern Germans,
(in Bavaria) and also in countries like Austria and Switzerland.
It is a flower that is found in a mostly mountainous areas,
amongst steep cliffs and rocks!

Many young men have searched, trying to get this special flower,
to prove their love for their sweethearts.
It surely takes a lot of courage and determination
and often ends in hardship to find this special flower.
Usually the Edelweiss grows very well hidden,
amongst steep cliffs and very treacherous terrain.
To get one of this flower for their sweetheart is very meaningful!
It is very rare and therefore real proof of their true love,
if a fellow presents it to his special girl!
The Edelweiss has no real worldly value,
but the very deep thought behind it, to get this rare mountain flower,
that's what makes this flower very special.

(The Edelweiss Flower is also under
"environmental protection and conservation", in these countries.)

"This original poem will be signed by the Poet Hartmut Reinsch
and send along with your shipment
of the Sterling Edelweiss with Figaro style chain!"
picture below:

This hand made Edelweiss Pendant and Figaro chain in Sterling Silver
costs you "150.00" DOLLARS
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Thank you, greetings from Goldsmith H. Reinsch

"Since my poem, "Das Edelweiss!"
is one of my most clicked poems per month on my site,
(500 to 600 times and more each month),
I will see, if this additional newly written English Version
will bring the hits up even more!
Although the English Version does not rhyme,
I tried to bring out the same feeling and meaning,
as in the original German text.

For all readers, please let me know what you think of this poem!
or leave me a message in my Jewellery Guest Book!

All Critics are welcome and I like to voice some of them,
on my Edelweiss poem page!
Sincerely Hartmut Reinsch