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~*"For my friend Edgar!"*~
Dear God, please listen for a while...
to all, what I have to say...,
for my friend Edgar and Family
I come to you to pray.
May his Guardian Angel
be always by his side,
with a Miracle from your Son,
he should make it on Earth all right.
Let our blessed Holy Spirit
be with him and do the rest
and may you dear Lord in Heaven ,
 bless him and give him your best.
For my good friend is a humble man,
who has always helped any one,
as they were really down on their luck
and they had no where to run.
As a proud Father and Grandfather
he's been like Heaven send,
 as a good Samaritan to all Mankind,
he is also my treasured Friend.
Show him Mercy, my dear God,
for he is very ill and not at all well,
as I come to you in prayer...
I have but you to ask and to tell.
 Written by your friend Hartmut Reinsch ©
 for Edgar, on Good Friday
April 21. 2011