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~"For my Friend Elsa, on Mothers day!"~

Sunshine and Love is what you bring to all
and so much more than that, to your Family.
From the time you awaken early with the sound of the birds,
you work and toil, as it's another beautiful day to be.

You are very kind and gentle to all your friends
and you're always there for every one too.
You take care of all animals, as they know you so well
for you feel strongly about it, as the right thing to do.

Your heart is full of charity and love for all mankind
and for every living thing, either animals or plants.
You share more of yourself than anybody else ever would,
regardless of everything, your way of giving never ends.

All that good intention and love was passed down to you,
from your dear Mother and friend, who you treasure so much.
As your thought's are with her each and every day,
you can feel her so near and sense her tender touch.

On Mothers day, you  journey back home in your thought's,
when you were just a little child in the distant past...,
as you think of the bond you have with your Mom
and the feeling of true love, that will forever last.

As your Mom looks down to you from heaven above,
these wonderful thoughts put you so much at ease.
May come what will, as life just goes on...,
and the thought's of your Mother bring you an inner peace.

Written on 12 May 2912,
for my adopted Sister and Friend Elsa,
by your friend Hartmut Reinsch in Toronto / CANADA