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*"The EUROLAND ?"*

The EUROLAND is not where we came from,

but from our German Fatherland!
This seems to have disappeared forever,
as many things changed lately, in the German Land?
The new currency was supposed to really help everyone
and bring together the countries of Europe...!
The Euro is here and everything should be equal,
But will it succeed for all the many people?
 What will happen to the individual languages,
the various ancient Customs and Traditions ...
Now, since everything will be the same in EUROLAND,
as all these people live in one big united land?
 In cooperation, the strong  will help the weak,
these were always our beliefs, as it should be.
Most devout Christian are very happy about it,
but is it really so, or again only an illusion?
The beginning of the "new WORLD ORDER" has come,
or is it just the end of many different cultures...?
All goes fast forward now in the hustle and bustle,
are the European nations going astray, without leaving a trace?
 The many different religions are to remain,
but not the many beliefs of our ancestors ...
that they have passed them on to their children ...,
will their children still shape their life's to their old beliefs and teaching?
   Are we still allowed to look back into our past History,
researching our own families History of our last few generations ...
or is it to be frowned upon or will it be tabu in the EUROLAND,
because all our neighbors and their people live with us under the same roof?
How many generations will it still take,
until no one knows anymore where they really came from ?
Will this even be important for the masses of the people,
or are our ancestors forever banned in the Future?
 Does the collective guilt of our German people continue further,
for Germans alone now, just for our own group?
Although all peoples live in a united in the EUROLAND,
  would our own past not melt and merge
with the rest of the European people?

 Many things could separate the various people of Europe,
from their Ancestors, without their own Customs and Traditions ...
"and their very their own language is the soul of every people".
Should we Germans not preserve and spare our language too?
 Let's hand down our German language further to our children,
as we keep our German Heritage in honor of the Ancestors ...,
no matter where we live in this world,
abroad or in our native German Homeland...,
as our children should know and respect
where their Ancestors came from and who they were.
 This is my own opinion, with some of my own questions
"Without Prejudice"

written by Hartmut Reinsch ©

Toronto / CANADA - 13th December 2003

Translated from my original German Language
into the English language, in October 2012
by Hartmut Reinsch

A nation that does not have it's own currency,
is dependent on the currencies of other countries.

"Now, that some of the people of Europe
created their own common currency with the Euro,

are they not forging all these people into one and melt them into a new people,
although they are of many different and various roots ? "~

And this big turning point will be the end of many people,
with their once very own unique history and Identity.
Much is lost if everything becomes one and the same!

The personal ambition of individuals will diminish greatly,
it even get's prevented, because everything must be the same
in the new system for the benefit of all,
but it will mainly benefit the weak of the total group of people.

So these people in the Euroland will ban their way together into the future,
as they will build a new prosperous country for all together ...,
with the long term plan..., to end all wars in Europe forever in the Future.

"Although the Swiss and British and some other European countries
have not joined the European Union,

they are staying out of it,  by still keeping their own currency!"
The leading politicians and their bankers
have their own reasons in this respect.

These countries that did not join, will also retain their own identity,
with their very own self-created currency,

which they have toiled by themselves, to give their currencies
it's own realistic value.

Peace for all people in the new year 2004 and in the Future!

*May the almighty God be with all people
and forgive them for all and everything...,

however, Nature with it's fundamental laws,
forgives no one and nothing.

Hartmut Reinsch ©
Toronto / CANADA - December 2003

Translated from my original German Language into English
in October 2012 by Hartmut Reinsch ©

Your language, your customs, be loyal to all your dead!
*Standing in the middle of your people, whatever their fate may be!
how the world may push and force you, here is the strength to sustain,
if you step out of the holy circle, you will perish under defenseless
Stay loyal! Stay loyal!
M. Albert and Joseph Gross

The sign reads, "We were the people."
How true it is, in this "New World Order Eurozone!"