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~*"Firefighter Brothers!*"~
Firefighters in this world, united we stand,
as we all are Brothers, through thick and thin.
No matter in what country we are living,
that's how it will be and always has been.
If some of our Brothers need real urgent help,
we are there for them in no time at all.
Distance and borders become meaningless,
We will meet and unite, at the very first call.
Together we'll fight all disaster and fires
with courage and honor we'll stand side by side,
and overcome danger and many hardships,
as we struggle together, till hope is in sight.
When all is done and over and the smoke has cleared,
doing our dangerous work, we have all become Brothers...,
we realize, that all was possible for us Firefighters,
as we are really all the same, but we have different Mothers.
Written by Firefighter - Poet Hartmut Reinsch ©
Nov. 13th. 2012 - in Toronto / CANADA

"This particular Firefighter group picture (after 9/11),
gave me something to think about",
as I wrote my newest Firefighter -Tribute Poem "Firefighter Brothers"
on Nov. 13th. 2012, to go along with this inspiring picture.

Once posted on my own Facebook site,
it automatically made it's way to over 2500
of my Firefighter friends at that time on Facebook and a few days after that,
it was posted on one of the FDNY Websites.

After that, this poem started to go viral,
as it was shared from that particular FDNY Website alone,
with over another 1100 Firefighter Facebook sites.

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