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*"The Firefighter's Mom !"*

With hope on her lips and a prayer in her heart,
her Firefighter loved ones are always on her mind.
From the time she is home alone, her nerves are on edge,
with her thoughts, no sleep or rest she can find.
Between the news on TV and not a call on her phone,
she will try hard do to her daily routine.
Cleaning, cooking and shopping at the market,
as she thinks of the Fire house and her "Family Fire Team".
As all Brothers and Sisters are working together,
going out on a rescue call, perhaps not far away,
she knows, they will all watch out over one another,
with that belief and assurance, that alone makes her day.
Because the team at the fire house are as much her children,
as her own kids at home have always been.
"Firefighter's Mom", she is so proud to wear that title...,
to be a Mom to so many in the fire house team!
God bless our Mom and may all Firefighters "Stay Safe!"
Written by Firefighter -Poet Hartmut Reinsch ©
on Nov. 28. 2012 ~ Toronto / CANADA
*With inspiration, from a Firefighter's Mom!

*"Merry Christmas and thank you,
to all Firefighter Moms!"*