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~*"For my best friend Dino!"*~
Your Mother has passed now,
as she has gone away...,
in silence she had left,
for she could no longer stay.
To be with your Father again
she was longing for so long,
Finally they are united in heaven,
as the angels sing a heavenly song.
For their two boys here on earth
there are still things to be done,
as they reached out to each other,
 they have again become one.
Your late Mother's wishes
had now all come true as last,
her two sons have joined together
on a journey, for their last task.
Both brothers will travel now
to their old homeland to fulfill,
their Mothers last wishes,
all will be silent and very still.
As you're standing at your parents grave
 both of you will say good bye.
Your older brother and yourself
will have a tear in your eye.
Your Parents can rest peaceful now,
assured, as brothers you will get along
with all memories of your Parents,
will keep you and your faith very strong.
Written by your Friend Hartmut Reinsch
Toronto / CANADA
Oct. 2009