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~"The German Soldier!"~

He stepped forth and fought, for his people and Fatherland,
and followed his orders, wherever he was send.
With courage and honor he got to his destiny ,
even as he bled and many of them fell .

Betrayed and lost in Africa he stood,
hungry and frozen he stood guard on the Volga river.
From Spain to the North Sea he fought bitterly
and in the round up in Stalingrad, he never surrendered.

For us, the German people, who's children we are
he fought till his last breath and that is why we're here.
We shall never forget, what he did for us,
either in East or West Germany, there is no shame upon us!

Otherwise he has bled for nothing, a bitter death,
oh let us not forget him, also in our hard times!
And if some deny now to be German here,
don't ever forget our common soldier,
who stepped up and represented us.

This Tribute Poem "The German Soldier!"
was written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(Homeland and Firefighter - Poet)
in Toronto / Canada, in the Year 1978.

Original Tribute was written in German by Hartmut Reinsch ©
in Toronto / CANADA, in 1978
Translated by Hartmut Reinsch © Toronto 2008

This poem was written with Respect and in Memory of the Millions of Soldiers, who died during the second world war.

This Tribute poem for the German soldier was presented by Legion members
of the former 3rd Tank Division "Berlin Brandenburg", to the Commander of the 8th Tank Brigade, General Prange Kdr., of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

This Tribute Poem was framed and hung up for display in the Traditional room of the former 3rd Tank Division Berlin-Branenburg ,
in the German War Historical Museum,
on the 13th of November in the Year 1982.

1955 - *Die Heimkehr der Zehntausend.

~~~*THE RETURN of 10.000 German Soldiers
from Russian Prison in 1955,
Thanks to Konrad Adenauer!~~~

  • "Dr. Konrad Adenauer" half bei der Verhandlung für die Freilassung deutscher Soldaten aus russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft, nach über 10 Jahren in 1955...! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOCJwvrDnUA