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~*"A Canadian of German descent!"*~

After many years in our new homeland,
some ask themselves how come and why?
One thinks canadian and works in german...
or is it really the other way around?

However our parents brought us up,
so that most of us have stayed loyal...!
All the values of our ancestors
stayed with us in memory of our loved ones.

If someone shows disrespect toward us,
or others say things, they don't really mean...,
then the "CANADIAN" comes out in us
as we see the light and where it shines from!

Freedom and rights are important to all of us
As Canadians in this beautiful land...!
Some of us grew up here since very young,
we believe in freedom with heart and soul.

We are now free to talk and to ask,
and don't keep quiet, when things are wrong!
No one shall ever forbid us,
to tell the world, what we feel inside.

The time of silence is gone forever...
We are free now, without searching the world over...!
German in our hearts, in honor of our ancestors,
Canadians with rights, like all others have.

Let us always be thankful to CANADA for that,
and that we can all live here in unity...!
As Canadians we shall all come together
and actively keep the world peace.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch February 2. 2002 / Toronto

With loving feelings in our hearts, in loyalty for our ancestors and the country we all came from, we have adopted many new Canadian ways.

This poem is supposed to be a reflection of "German Canadian" people who lived here most of their lives, but have kept many old values that were handed down to them from their ancestors!

Therefore this poem was not written for all Canadians in that sense, but for some of our people, who lived and worked here since childhood and have become Canadians.

Hartmut Reinsch