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UPDATE,  October 2012
*"When selling your Gold!"
~"Important Follow Up Message."~
The Article below, underneath this new one,
was written over two years ago!

Since then, quite a few people had written to me to thank me for the Information, about selling their Gold.

There were a few customers of mine who were seeking my advice about their Gold Jewellery !
I tested their items and weight all their different Gold Items and after all that,
I gave them the Retail prices
and in contrast the Fine Gold content prices.
After that it should have been clear to all, not to sell too far below the actual fine gold cost of the Material.
In short, they now had an actual value of their complete fine Gold content.
Most of these people told me afterwards, that my advice was sound
and they would keep their Gold Items.
Some had some new hand made Items made, from single earrings,
broken bangles and old Gold wedding bands and bit's and pieces of Gold.
All for a labor charge only, hand made by myself! ;-)

Although I'm thinking of one Customer in particular,
he had just lost his wife and just wanted to get rid of all her Jewellery
and turn it into cash!

I spent one hour and a half with that man and explained it all to him, tested and weight all items and I finally told him after all, that he had approximately
"7,000.00 Dollars of fine Gold content in all the items"
I also made it very clear to him to keep that value in mind .
With a copy from my Article below,

("If you're planning to sell your Gold!"),

since he did not own a Computer to look it up on my website.

At the end of our meeting, I told my customer, when selling his Gold to one of these so called Gold Buyers...,
not to give it away at a low price or too far below that given dollar value.
He thanked me for my good advice and my time spend with him, as I did not charge him for my time or anything , 
as he and his late wife had been customer's of mine for years,

About three weeks later, I got a phone call
and it was from the same gentleman.

He ask me, if I remembered looking at all his wife's Jewellery
and he wanted to know what I thought of the amount of money,

that he got for all of it.
Not just the Gold Items, but also some rings with smaller Diamonds
and other semi precious color stones in them.

He wanted to know, If I thought that it was alright of him getting
2800.00 Dollars
for the lot
For a minute I thought, I did not hear right! 
When he re -confirmed the amount, I had a feeling,
that I let him down,
although I tried to help him to begin with, as I told him not to sell his Gold,

unless he would get close to the real material value,
which was about 7,000.00 Dollars.

This will never happen again!
Next time, I will still do my job, identifying, testing, weighing 
and explaining the real Dollars Value of the Material.

But after that, I will ask the people to bring their Gold
to any of these Gold buyers, "to get an instant Dollar Value",
that they would pay for all of their Gold!
If my "Gold Content Value Estimate" is higher,
than I would like to hear back from my customer and I will see,
what can be done, to recover that higher amount, close to the Material value.
It will not be an instant money pay out, as the Gold has to be refined and the weight of the fine gold content identified.
These Gold buyers pay out money right away and fast,
 but to make sure it is in their favor, without recourse,
they will of course try to pay as little as possible.

With my fee as my customers Adviser and the charge of Refinery for their services, they will still get paid out a lot more,
than from any of these high profile Gold buyers,
who are spending so much of money in advertizing,
just to get their hands on all the Gold and Silver, that they can find.

The expressed Opinion in this article is my own 
and "without any prejudice!

Greetings from
Goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch
of West York Jewellers


If you're planning to sell your Gold!
March 2010!

A lot of people are trying to buy your Gold and Diamond Jewellery these days, on the WWW and through local area Advertising...!
They are looking out, to make a lot of profit on the Gold
and other precious metal alone.
All high profits are for themselves, when they take their cheaply bought up Gold scrap to their Gold Refiners, as
the fine Gold is cashed in after refining.

It's very easy money and a form of liquid cash for them, and much more profitable, than trying to sell any item of good workmanship and Material value to the public, as many people are hurting these days,
because of loss of jobs and devalued paper money,
as all items in stores keep going up!

Things could not get any easier for all these Gold and Jewellery Buyers, especially since most of them are paying the lowest possible price for GOLD and therefore,  there is hardly any competition amongst these Buyers.

The ones with the most exposure through advertising, draw the most people into their outlets.
Things could not get much tougher for the rest of any hard working person these days,  trying to make ends meet every month.
Some people get desperate and decide to sell their precious metal Jewellery or broken Gold. as scrap.
After these Buyers take in the Gold Jewellery and Scrap Gold,
all Diamonds and precious stones are getting pulled out
of their Gold and precious metal Settings course,
to bring them an even larger profit.

That is a sign alone..., that GOLD and other Precious Metals, Diamonds and all precious Stones  are going to be much higher in the near Future.
These "early Buyers of Gold" and other precious metal and stone items are ready now and in full force to buy up everything, before all goes much higher..., as our paper money becomes even less in value every day.

My Advice would be...
Cut down, on buying unnecessary items in large box stores.

Your Gold Jewellery Items...,
might be one of the only liquid Capital items you own.
So keep them, for things could get worse yet,
as History seems to repeat itself!

Do not sell your Jewellery or old scrap Gold to any of these Buyers, 
who are sprouting up and coming out of the woodwork lately.
The price of Gold will probably go much higher yet,
in the upcoming FUTURE !

"So beware and let nobody sweet talk you,
into selling any of your Gold or Diamond Jewellery to them.
Certainly, do not part with and give away your Ancestors Family Heirloom !
It should belong to the next Generation of your Family.

Check out, what hand made Jewellery Items I could make from your "Scrap Gold pieces",  for a very reasonable labor charge,
by working with your own Gold only.

Hand made Jewellery, for a very affordable price,
 "Made in CANADA",
by your own personal Goldsmith.

Have your Scrap Gold reworked into new handmade Jewellery
for yourself or your Family!

The expressed Opinion in this article is my own
and "without any prejudice!"

Sincere Greetings from Goldsmith
Hartmut Reinsch ©
in Toronto / CANADA

Do you know, who your friends are?
Certainly they're not the ones, who invite you and their other friends and neighbors for a very trendy "Gold Party!",
these days. ~ As some of your so called friends share the Profit
with these ever so popular "Gold BUYERS!"
Just stop and think about it!