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*Gold Smithing and Welding!*
To understand it, is to respect it;
to respect it, is to love it;
to love it, is to live in it.
It's harsh and destructive,
fierce and ruthless like the open sea.
Yet, it is at peace within itself,
moving and dancing
with a rhythm of a young maiden,
only in silence.
The only friend is the wind
to which it will react passionately
and joyfully, and free without fear.
It lives on life, yet it is life itself.
It's the beginning of our universe
and will live till the end.
It only answers to God
and is there at his command.
It's feared by all of us,
yet I try to understand its ways and powers.
I have lived and worked with it,
 yet we did not touch.
It's reality, time and adventure
to live, love and respect...
the Fire
Written by Goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch ©
Homeland and Firefighter - Tribute Poet
in the Year 1977 ~ Toronto / Canada

The old Smiddy is a little grumpy,
but I like his attitude!