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*"The Good Old Days!"*
As day's gone by, so long ago,
at times they seem so very near.
When I was young, so wild and free,
and always without fear!
People who cared for me back then,
they have all gone their very own way.
  When I look around, none are with me now,
as they're not by my side today.
I will stay the same, true to myself,
with my family around me now,
yet many memories of very close friends
they've all stayed with me somehow.
My parents will always hold that special place
in my heart, soul and mind forever,
as they were the only people who really cared,
although gone now, they have left me never.
Hopefully my children will show me their own love,
  as I shared mine with my Father and Mother,
for Loyalty will forever be our bond,
as a Family, we will always care for each other.
Written on my Birthday Nov. 7th 2012
by Homeland and Firefighter-Poet
Hartmut Reinsch © in Toronto / CANADA

Hardy in Vancouver