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*"For my dear Daughter Helene!"*
I am very proud of you, how you handle yourself
with the kids at school and all your friends.
You have your very own way and that is good,
as you never follow others and their trends.
Even, if some people are trying to put you down
and make fun of you and your very own ways,
you hold your own ground and come right back,
as you know, there will always be good and bad days.
You're doing thing's right, as you follow your heart
and no one can take that away from you,
you believe in yourself, may come what will...,
you are strong and see all thing's through!
Your love for the animals is really very rare,
as you like them all and you're so very kind,
either with  Bunnies, Squirrels, Horses or Dogs,
Birds, Snakes and Frogs, or whatever you can find.
For your Birthday I am wishing you well
 As you have become a year older today,
  lot's of health and that you will find happiness,
I give you my blessings in this special way!
Written for my daughter Helene.
Love always, your Papa
Homeland and Firefighter - Poet Hartmut Reinsch
Toronto / CANADA