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~*Far from the Homeland..., for "Mutta!"*~

There shall be a candle lit;
under strange skies in a faraway land,
I will always have deep feelings
for Germany my fatherland, and my native town.

My ancestors are buried there,
resting eternally in the eastern part of Germany
My great-grandmother, courageous in her daring ways,
fought and took me back from the enemy.
Her face was so beautiful and pious,
and we were united together in love.

On hands and knees, around the table,
as we were playing catch.
She embraced and hugged me
and gave me her loving sweet smile.

Oh, if I could only stand on the site
under the birch trees on the heath.
I would plant a violet so tender
and as soft as silk,
for I shall always remember
her loving and tender touch.

Written by your great loyal grandson Hartmut,
who has never forgotten you,
after over 60 years since wartime
and under far away skies.

Hartmut Reinsch ©
Toronto Canada

This poem "Far from the homeland" is called "Für MUTTA" was originally written by myself in the German language!

In memory of my beloved Great-Grandmother Hermine Diemert
(born Hufeld) in Vippachedelhausen in Thuringia / Germany.
I love you "Mutta" and will never forget you!
Even after more then 60 years since the war, under distant heavenly sky,
you're always and forever locked into my heart.

We should always honor our Mothers and Grandmothers.
A Mothers love, no other person can replace, as it is always with us ...!
Even if your Mother has already gone from this earth,
you can feel her love, far into your old age.


I lost my dearest Great-Grandmother, as a 3 year old child...,
shortly after the second WW!
But her eyes filled with love and her gentle nature...,
I can still feel it today.
As she saved me twice from the enemy,
who wanted to take along and abduct me!

She fought for me, just as a Lioness would for her little one!
Afterwards she died of a broken pelvis bone injury, shortly after the war.
After the invading forces threw her down the stairs, while she was defending her Family..., when we were overrun by eastern hordes at the end of the war, in the village of "Magdeburgerforth" in eastern Germany.
In everlasting love for my "Mutta", and in her memory,
I wrote this poem many years later.
Far away from my homeland, in the native land of my Children, in Canada.
Hartmut Reinsch © Toronto / Kanada

This poem below is my Great-Grandmother's poem,
written in the German language.
Years ago, far away from the distant homeland,
I found her very meaningful poem amongst many of her other writings.
All writings and poems were written in Sütterlinschrift,
in (old German Suetterlin script)



Do not forget under foreign skies,
who forgot everything else for you.
Instead of living with the daily commotion of the world,
sitting with you silently in the bower.

As my eye rest with delight,
at your friendly face;
now it stares with a gloomy trepidation,
weeping after you, forget me not.

Take the least as my pledge,
that my heart will never forget you
and once you return to the fatherland,
lovingly your heart encloses me.

Forget me not!
Even when oceans separate us,
when once death breaks my eye;
Although envy and resentment never allows us to rest.
Forget me not!

Write only my name in your heart,
so there is no Family album necessary for you.

Written in German by Hermine Diemert / Hufeld ©