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~*For my friend Horst!*~

As he's gone, now I think of
What he really stood for...!
Remembering his kindness
and quite a bit more...

He was straight forward
And very honest with all,
With a heart of a king
He fought for truth, I recall.

What he said, he meant...
As he stood his ground,
He was fair and forgiving
to friend or foe all around.

He kept what he promised
And he got very upset,
When others did not...,
He tried hard to forget.

Animals and flowers
He enjoyed with respect,
As he took loving care
Without any neglect.

But most of all, it seems to me
As he suffered for years
He would always be
Real quick with a joke,
Though deep in pain,
As he livened things up
In sunshine and rain.

He never was down
While he suffered each day,
There was laughter and happiness
Till he left us one day.

We all really miss you
Dear Horst, our true friend.
You never gave up hope,
Until the very end.

Written in memory for my friend Horst
27. Dec. 1997