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~*The Hot Rodders!*~

Hot Rods, Chicks and old Rock 'n Roll...
and we all had our very own ways!
As we were young, real hip and so cool...,
these were our happy days!

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

Drive-in Restaurants were really in...
and the gang met there every night.
Showing off our Hot Rods and talking shop,
as the Chicks talked to one another, about things out of sight!

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

Between burgers, shakes and the sound of Rock 'n Roll...
somebody's tight mill wouldn't start one day
As the engine cooled down, while the spinners were shined...,
it started again and revved up right away.

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

As a six-pack was fine tuned, on a Rod with moon hubs...
a rival Chevy peeled onto the street...,
with a set of Stromberg two fours, a full house and leg pipes,
this fine rod was the one to beat!

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

Ford against Chevy, stood at the near lights...
as it was a quarter mile to the creek...!
Silence was Golden, with no cops in sight...
as they peeled off on green, they knew no defeat!

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

After cooling off for twenty, the Rods came back on scene
now all the stories started to spin...!
One guy shifted to late, the other's clutch was slipping...
the Hurst shift with the posi-trac took home the win...!

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

After each time, we did all stay friends,
and respect was always there...,
from one HOT Rodder to another...
we all played hard, but mostly real fair.

Hot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot RodsHot Rods

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch March 2. 2003 / Toronto

In memory of all the Valley boys -
"The Matadors, Hot Rod Club!"
Nick, Tom, Dave, Billy, Fred, Pete, Hardy, Roly, Jerry, Larry, Ed,
Wolfi and Wally.

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