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~*The Immigrants!*~

Is it really 50 or 60 years ago already?
It surely has been a very long time!
As we stood here with suitcases and our packages,
after the long journey across the ocean.
All seemed very strange, as one could not speak a word,
maybe just a few words, like "how do you do?"
The answer came mostly very spontaneous,
and we all thought, "now what?"
Our dictionary helped us a bit,
to get a one room flat "upstairs".
With the entrance on the other side,
as the bath and toilet were "downstairs."
No feather bed, we had only a blanket,
though, it was so cold "outside!"
Soon, we had understood, why:
as "no window would close very tight".
On the next day, we were looking for work,
along Dundas Street and College.
"One dollar down", these signs were everywhere,
but none of us had the the necessary "knowledge".
On Yonge Street, at the corner of Queen,
our stomach was starting to gnarl!
But we kept looking, to "find work first,"
there was not time, to even murmur about it.
Finally there was a sign: "apply within",
as they were looking for a carpenter!
One had learned a different trade back home,
but no one here seemed to be bothered by that.
With hammer and saw in hand and ready to work
one was now making 80 cents in an hour,
that's how we got ahead in this new country,
to make it over to the next round.
To the first came death,
To the second hardship,
And to the third, the bread,
"That's what the earlier immigrants used to say...!"
Written by Hartmut Reinsch © in 1986
 in the German language originally

Canadian Homeland and Firefighter-Tribute Poet.

Translated into the English language by myself
in Oct.  2012, by H. Reinsch ©