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~"Your inner Strength!"~
What's done is done and can not be changed,
no matter what we try to do.
It could have been different at that time,
although real regrets are just a few.
We try to do the best at all times,
but no one can ever do it right for all!
One tries so hard, pleasing everyone,
without breaking down, stumble or fall.
As one falls at times, some Hyenas will laugh
and look down at you as you lay,
but nobody knows the will you possess,
as you look up in perseverance and pray.
A sudden inner strength, that was given to you,
as you came in this life, now appears!
you think of your loved ones, long dead or alive,
as a light in the distance appears.
This light of God brings you Hope and the Truth,
to find Freedom for your eternal Soul.
It's this spiritual medicine, that you need now,
to heal you and make you whole.
So let me tell you now little girl,
your Daddy has been there and back.
Now I want you to realize your importants in life
and no jealous friends shall derail you off track.
Ignore those creatures and despise them all
forever, till the rest of your days.
Their day of reckoning has yet to come,
as the Lord works in mysterious ways.
for my daughter Marica
As I was at the Etobicoke General Hospital
on 28. May 2007
All is good in life, as long as you have your loved ones,
who are so very dear to you.
Now just imagine, since you are also their loved one,
how lost and "verloren" they would be
without you, my dearest child Marica.

Love always, your Daddy
Homeland and Firefighter - Poet Hartmut Reinsc
h ©