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~ *"Land of Freedom!"* ~

"O CANADA" is sung everywhere on

in this beautiful land,

  as we German descendents join in singing this Canadian Hymn!
It is the home of our children, in this land of Freedom ...
for that alone, we will always be grateful to CANADA!

All of us see things much different here, than from abroad,

as our own people see things in the old country...!
Why this is, most of us here seem to know...
  as since the end of war time, they're told to sing the same old song!

This everlasting eternal pain upon of our people ...,

  we will get over it somehow, although many have found it very difficult!
For this complaint against all of our people runs deep, still to this very day
and for "some Germans", it became and will be like a stain of shame!

Collective guilt is taught to all our children "in our old Homeland schools"...

as all Germans seem to carry that heavy weight of burden,
"for their ancestors!"
By themselves, they can not do much or anything about it,
  for they are powerless to admonish other culprits for their own guilt.

in this Canadian land, we all have the real Freedom to read, 
for what is written in books and available in the archives
and that is very important!
With more information we have the opportunity to get ever closer
to the whole truth ...,
  a complete overview is left for all of us to examine all of history !

Many of our German descendants are already or have become Canadians

and they see the meaning of the word Freedom in a completely different light!
What our German people have gone through during the two world wars,
some of these sorrow experiences of mankind
are often not completely known or declared.

If our own German people would only stick together more
and help one another...

Just as most other immigrants do so in this country!
Then we could maintain all important things to us, much better too,
Like our Customs, Traditions and our German language and our way of life.

We all should just think about it...,  how important it is, in that sense,
and make an effort to honor our own ancestors even more!
Because our children will be very grateful for our efforts
one day in the Future
as the children make their own way of life here, as Canadians.

Written by Hartmut Reinsch
(Homeland and
Firefighter -Tribute Poet)
Toronto, Canada - 12 April 2002

Translated from my original German Language
into the English language, in October 2012.