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"In the Land of the Maple Leaf!"

This Land CANADA shall become our new homeland,
without ever alienating our own country of birth!
  For our children who were born here,
they are keeping our future in their hands.
All Children will have to find their own ways in life,
with our help, and their dreams in their hearts and minds.
  As they all have many opportunities here,
for their beautiful Canada is a Free Country!
  The new offspring and our old roots
thrive very well in this very fertile Canadian soil!
As our elders keep hoping in prayer and in silence ,
that something good may become of their children.
Although many people are of different origins in this country,
they should tell their children about their own heritage
in the future!

Our Children shall avow themselves to their ancestors,
openly with pride,
for that alone,
they do not ever have to be daring!

All immigrants should honor and embrace their elders
 with love and respect,
wherever they came from
and what they represented in their lives.

Neither rain nor storm,
or as the cold northern winds are blowing...,

our own oak trees will also stand here defiantly
 and strong, against all elements of Nature!

In this land of our children, CANADA and the Maple Leaf,
so many people of the world sought to settle here,
 as they were searching for Peace and Freedom.
We all have finally found it in this Canadian land,
but one precious thought is left for our elderly parents...,
"The memories of their old Homeland !"
Written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(Homeland and Firefighter- Tribute Poet)
Jan. 14. 2001 - in Toronto, Canada

Translated from my original German Language
into the English language, in October 2012
by Hartmut Reinsch

"O Canada" Canada's national anthem!" http://tinyurl.com/9qqxwz6

*"The Maple leaf forever song!"