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~*Children of the Future!*~

We shall never forget
what had touched us at that time!
As we made our way out of the bombed cities,
our soldiers were left to do battle.

Many hard faces, a single piece of bread,
and all around us was nothing but death.

Out of ruins and broken dreams
came the spirit of revenge,
but almost all lay in rubble and ashes,
as the last battle cry sounded out toward heaven.

Then came the end, and till today
our people live divided on our soil.
Heavy-hearted, many Germans are thinking of their homeland,
where they once lived in peace as children.

Through indoctrination and guilt feelings
in the last forty years
we are now our own worst enemies still,
and more destructive than all others.

Love for our homeland, pride and honor:
these feelings are not being promoted in our own country.
Scorned are our old people
for their sacrifices and loyalty to our fatherland.

Let us finally reach for the truth,
and find the strength to forgive our own
who distance themselves from all German things
and are howling along with strange wolves.

Let's be proud of our ancestors,
our heritage, and our land!
And raise our heads, and show all other people
that we are looking forward into the future in solidarity.

Let's overcome all this together!
As long as we are Germans!
Now, fold your hands in hope,
dear child! Our future!

Written by Hartmut Reinsch
(German-Canadian Goldsmith and Homeland Poet)
Feb. 2. 1985
Toronto CANADA

Written in the german language originally - "Kinder der Zukunft"! Translated into english by the author. This poem was written with my own thoughts about the end of the war and the city of my birth in mind. My heart goes out to all the families, who have experienced this very painful and terrible war with their own bodies and soul.

In memory of all the victims!

Hartmut Reinsch

Magdeburg     Magdeburg     Magdeburg