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~"For Manfred and Hedi!"~
Many, many years have past since then,
when you found each other and fell in love.
Manfred came from the East and Hedi from the West
as Germany, our Fatherland, was split in half.
In the town of Waldfischbach you both had met
and you stayed together, ever since that day!
After you were married in your Homeland,
your dream, CANADA, send you on your way.
Learning the new language and building your future
you struggled along, as you both worked very hard.
Times were tough, but you overcame them together,
in hope, faith and love, and with lots of heart.
Your only son Dennis and his lovely wife Shannon
mean everything to you and are your Pride.
On this happy occasion, as all other times,
they are with you to celebrate by your side.
Now your Grandchildren are your fun and joy,
as you both look to the future, they are part of you!
Enjoy your life in the circle of your Family
after 50 years of marriage, and all you've been through.
Wishing you, Manfred and Hedi many more years,
of love and happiness with your family and all your friends
and may you always keep your faith in each other,
Forever and always, until life on Earth ends.
"Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!"
These wishes come from your brother and friend
Hartmut Reinsch and Family.
written on July 06, 2007