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~*"In Memory of Edgar Sertl."*~
The very last hour had come for your loved one,
 as he had called out your name once again.
You were his everything and much more,
for he also felt your very deep pain.
You were united one more time at last,
when you had reached out for his hand,
as you shed many tears for him,
 you suffered along side him, without end.
His parting was especially heartfelt and very sad,
that's how it had to be for the last time,
as all around you, a real darkness had set in,
soon after that..., he saw the eternal shine.
Edgar went ahead, as he took your light,
though be very confident and do not fear,
as he will always and forever live in your heart,
in your deep sorrow, you may shed another tear.
Only who does without a loved one knows for sure,
 how beautiful it was, as you were together,
so treasure all those many happy and precious memories ...,
 share them with his family, throughout your life and forever!
Written by Hartmut Reinsch
© Toronto / CANADA
for the Sertl Family, after the passing of their son
Edgar Sertl. on May the 12th 2011
Rest in Peace, my Friend.