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minerescue.htm ~"The Mining Fire Rescue Comrades"~

One for all and all for one, 
they stand together, may come what will.
While on rescue mission and extinguishing the fire,
they look after one another, until all is done.
Their close Friendship is always maintained,
whether underground or later on in a friendly round.
If something is not right with one, the others will notice it!
Because all are as one, at any hour of the day !
In their support and Rescue work for all Miners
these special Firefighter are bound by their conviction.
As their young and old Rescuer's will stand together,
for all true Mine Firefighters have the same Spirit.
May the holy St. Barbara look out for each one of these men,
so they will finally succeed on their team mission,
reassuring them that even in darkness of the Mine,
each one of their loyal comrades will stay by their side!

*** "GLÜCKAUF!" ***
* Lucky to leave the Mine to see daylight again!

Written by Firefighter - poet  Hartmut Reinsch ©
August 1st 2014
for all Firefighter- Rescue Comrades in all Mines.

Adopted from my original German poem,
Die Feuerwehr Kameraden!"
from May 21, 2002,
by Hartmut Reinsch © Toronto / CANADA

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