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~*"For all Miners"*~

All Miners are very well informed and know,
what comradeship really means and the importance of it,
when they travel together deep into the mine.
After drilling and securing of the new shafts
in search for more of the black gold,
Miners are digging wherever they were not before.

They are like important lights for one another,
as they work together in the darkness.
"All for one and one for all as one team,"
they overcome all problems and are ready for anything.

After their hard work in this sweaty hell is done,
they finally end their shift and clear out for the next crew.
Back to the top they go now,  "Good Luck to all!"

"Glückauf !"

Tired and beat they arrive out of the shaft,
as another day and shift comes to an end for them ...,
now they will see their loved once again and the daylight!

Dear God, be merciful and protect all Miners,
  so they can rejoin with their families and loved ones,
at the end of each day, after their shift is over.

Written in honor of all the Miners
by Firefighter-Poet Hartmut Reinsch ©
Toronto / CANADA, January 07, 2009

May "Saint Barbara" be with them,
in all of the darkness...,
until they see the light of day once again.

~"ST. Barbara."

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