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  ~ *The Mountain Rescue! *~

From the valleys to the mountains, in high altitudes,
in the snowy winter woods and forests!
Whether in a storm, with rain and icy winds,
it is Nature, that rules at all times with it's full Force.

Somewhere in the mountains, by day or by night,
there are active "Voluntary Mountain Rescue Teams", ready to help!

Humans against Nature, it is an eternal struggle,
with a strong commitment to rescue people, in their helpless misery.

The Rescue Teams have shaped their own life's and commitments,
with a strong passion, to help others.
It has become natural for them, as it is a way of life for these Rescuers.

Like mountain sycamore tree's, these Volunteers defy icy winds...
and climb any steep cliff, wherever the living or casualties are to be found.
People loosing their way in the forest can hardly be less dangerous at times,
then the search by severe stormy and cold weather in the mountains...,
or a dangerous rescue in a deep gorge, as they ultimately go in all alone!

May the Lord protect these Rescue Team's and all of their Comrades,
that each of them can continue their work and return safely to their families.
The preservation of their comradeship and friendship,
is most important in this world, for all of them.

May they always be able to see the setting sun in the evening
and the beginning of a new dawn,

in the solitude of the mountains, with their heavenly glow.
Watching out for one another, as all comrades work together so well.
No matter what comes their way in the future,
they will always be there for all members of their Mountain Rescue team.

Written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(Homeland and Firefighters Tribute Poet)

Translated from my original German Language Poem
"Die Bergwacht!" written on June 12, 2002 in Toronto, Canada,
into the English language,
in October 2012
by Hartmut Reinsch

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