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~*The Gold Nugget.*~

It sure is nice to find a nugget,
as nature formed it "wild and free".
As precious as a hand made creation,
it should be left for all to see.

Unique and rare is every nugget,
as different as all natural things.
Gold rush fever is for real,
just look at what my panning brings!

Canada's West had its own rush,
more than a hundred years ago....
Ghost towns tell of these lively days,
what no one these days seems to know.

Now tumble weeds blow through the towns,
and weather has played its part.
On all the old buildings that still stand,
for the rest have mostly fallen apart.

In the hauling wind, shutters squeak,
as dust blows through the empty towns.
You can almost hear the full saloon,
but no more people can be found.

They all came in such a flash,
to strike it rich in search of gold.
The western lands have stories to tell,
and our children should be told.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 2002 / Toronto

Panning for Gold Panning for Gold Panning for Gold Panning for Gold
Panning for Gold Nugget of Gold Nugget of Gold Nugget of Gold
Barkerville Barkerville Barkerville
Barkerville Barkerville

Pictures from the old goldrush town of Barkerville BC - By Richard D. Huseth © 2002
Thank you Richard, for your permission to link to your beautiful photo site!