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~"*The NURSES!"*~

Most Doctors do their important job, as they see fit
and whatever is called for, they know what to do!
~But Nurses are like "Heaven-sent Angels"~
after any operation, they make sure, you'll pull through.

Most of them ask all kinds of questions,
with a deep concern they make sure, that you'll have no fear.
All important things are checked out with loving care,
you're in good hands, as they're always near.

They ask you how you feel, with true compassion,
their friendly smile makes your pain go away.
Your healing has started now, as they care for you,
you'll get better real soon and day by day.

Like "Guardian Angels" they stay by your side,
to make sure, you always have what you need.
You're never alone, as they keep track of you,
to make sure, you're warm from the neck to your feet.

What unselfish "Love and Humility" they have,
they show you all that and more, in their humble ways!
May the Lord be merciful and protect them and their families,
for their kind work here on Earth, till the end of their days.

Written by Firefighter-Poet
Hartmut Reinsch Toronto / CANADA
As a Tribute, to all Nurses at the Etobicoke General Hospital.
on Sept. 27th. 2007

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