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~*Our Friend and Father*~
One man, one word.
With love in his heart
as he walked through life,
through thorns and pain.
With hope on his lips,
as he walked forward.
May come, what will;
He stood his man.
Family and work:
"I will, I can., I must!"
Those were his words,
without any dismay.
He lives in us all
in words and ways,
Our friend and father,
as we weep in silence.
Written on the day of death,
of our loving Father Erich, Ernst Reinsch
1981 in Toronto / Canada
Your son Hartmut Reinsch ©

As my father told me once about running any race successfully!
When you don't feel your feet on the ground any more,
then you are really running!

More like flying..., he probably meant,
as I look at the victory picture,
with both feet well off the ground,
as our Father ran through the finish tape.

Victory run in a Provincial Relay Race in the City of Magdeburg in the 1930s.
Perseverance and endurance is the key to any success