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~*"The Paramedics!"*~

Be it after an Accident or helping a very ill patient,
in times of real need, as the Truth is near,
the Paramedics answer their call and race to the scene,
with new anticipation every time, and without fear!

With the shrill sound of Sirens they finally pull up with their ambulance,
although the Fire Department or Police are often already there.
Now the Paramedics do what is critically important,
for the victims of an Accident or an ill persons care.

They are in charge now, before all other Rescue Teams,
that got there ahead of them, or some helpers on site.
These men and women fight for the welfare and survival of the victims,
with all of their tough training and Gods help, they try to do, what's right.

Decisions are made in an instant, but with good care...,
'cause instant help needed is very crucial now and can't wait!
Experience and "know how" rules, as time is running out
especially since they got there in the rush hour, a bit late.

How do the Paramedics really feel, before and after each call,
when they do, what has to be done in an instant of a heartbeat?
Or having to let go of their emotions inside, with the loss of a human being
after a bad Accident, as a victim lies dead near their feet?

Human emotions and feelings should not ever deter or stand in their way,
when they're saving a person, who needs urgent help at that time,
their inner Strength and Determination and Knowledge
helps them to make the right decisions, in Hope..., that all will be fine.

May God always be with all these good Samaritans,
with their unselfish Spirit, while doing their very important deed.
When on a "Guardian Angels call", they're sometimes awaiting a heavenly sign,
for it takes these special people, to help all others in need...!
Hopefully these Brothers and Sisters of the Paramedics will always be protected,
in this very troubled world, for now until the end of time.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch October 15. 2007 / Toronto
"This Tribute is for all Paramedics!" !

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Found this funny article on the Web! ;-)