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~*For Pete's Sake!*~

The youngest of the valley boys
turned 50 just today.
it seems so long since way back then,
so very far away.

When Tom and Nick and Jerry too,
came cruising down to Johnny's,
with Hardy and Dave dragging down the hill,
against Billy with a carload of bunnies.

With Roly and Larry and Peter too,
We were all hanging out at night.
Just cooling our motors and tightening the skirts,
talking engines and things out of sight.

Just rockin and rollin
between the cars with some chicks,
in a cool way we handled it all,
with collars turned up we'd rock with the King,
we were just having a ball.

Our Pete was the youngest of all of the boys
he was part of the gang every night,
his smile and wise cracks we got to know well,
though just 14 , he was all right.

May his memory go back
to those happy days,
so very long ago,
though he's older now and just a bit wiser,
he's still cool , but won't let it show.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 1997 / Toronto