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pete65birthday.htm ~"For Pete's 65th Birthday!"~

Since we are friends now, already for 50 years,
there's a hell of lot that we both have been through!
Most of our buddies have gone their own way through the years,
but our own friendship lasted and it was always true!

All of the things we lived through in the distant past
with all our good buddies so long, long ago.
It brings smiles to our faces now, while we talk about it,
some stories are really very funny, that we both know.

The Valley boys is what we called ourselves at first
and later on, we became Matador Hot Rod gang.
We tried to do what was right and helped one another
and very often, we were talking in our very own slang.

Billy needed another Rad for his flathead V8 engine 1953 Ford
some of us knew of a rusty pick up truck wreck, up on the hill.
Most of us were up there, on a moonlit summer night,
with wrenches and other tools we took out the old Rad for Bill.

As we were all in the valley again, changing Radiators
the Cops had also shown up, before our work was through.
All lined up against Bill's Car, as the Cops searched the trunk,
looking for some stolen TV, but not one of us knew.

Our hands were battered and quite greasy looking,
as we were all working hard on our buddies Rad,
as some neighbors had  phoned the Police about a stolen TV...,
that four or five guys carried down the hill, but none of us had.

Although the false alarm, all worked out at the end,
as Bill's Hot Rod was running real good again and just fine...,
the Police had gone away and left us on our own,
all was just another done deal and we had a good time!

There are many more stories, but before I run out of space...,
I want to wish my buddy Pete a happy 65th Birthday!
I know him well and like to tell him, he's still as cool as ever,
as he makes some people think, that they can have their own way.
Written by your old buddy Hardy..., for your special day.
Hartmut Reinsch © Toronto / CANADA